Living Space

-Spa Features
-Steam Showers
-Soaking Tubs
-Heated Floors


-Wet Bars
-Game Rooms
-Living Space
-More Bedrooms


  Living Space

As an established design-build firm with an impeccable reputation, KLM Construction offers homeowners a boutique approach based on creative design, custom planning and meticulous execution.

Our projects, which range from whole house remodels to new construction, rely on the synergy between functionality and aesthetics. We partner with you to capture the essence of your vision for your home and making it come true.

The pinnacle of our success is creating spaces and structures that exceed our customers’ expectations. We want your home to be more than you ever imagined it could be.


     Our custom design process blends aesthetic sensibility and structural
     soundness. We experiment with lines and form until you say,
     “This is it. This is exactly what I want. This is perfect.” We maximize
     what is possible so that each remodeling project fulfills its true
     visual and functional potential.

     Each space is different. Each home has its unique character.
     Each homeowner has his or her own tastes, preferences and needs.
     Because we recognize this, we are committed to tailoring each plan
     specifically to you. We do not use a cookie-cutter approach. We do
     not believe in out-of-the-box solutions. We structure a plan that
     combines all the elements of your particular situation and
     fulfills your requirements.

     Our standard for excellence in craftsmanship means that all phases
     of construction are based on accuracy, efficiency and professionalism.
     From the selection of materials to the caliber of the sub-contractors
     we use, everything we do is marked by a high degree of quality. We
     take whatever time is needed to ensure that we do things right.
     Our work is never just “good enough” – we always strive for
     “as close to perfect as possible.”